MBYS People

Mt. Baker Youth Symphony Staff

The Mt. Baker Youth Symphony’s staff consists of professional musicians and music teachers from the Puget Sound region. Sharyn Peterson, our Artistic Director, works with an active coaching staff for strings, winds, brass and percussion. Sectional coaching allows for direct coaching and training in orchestral technique.

Section Coaches

Artistic Director/Youth Symphony Conductor/Violin/Viola/Vocals: Sharyn Peterson – call 360-421-2527

Cello/Bass: Matthew Rehfeldt – 360-671-0214
Woodwinds: Nirvana Guernsey – 360-756-6190
Brass/Junior Symphony Conductor: Malcolm Peterson – 360-672-4894
Bassoon: Pat Nelson
Violins/Sinfonette Conductor: Avah Moles

Further questions? Interested in getting involved?
Please contact our Artistic Director, Sharyn Peterson, 360-421-2527 or send her an email: sharynpeterson@hotmail.com

Board Members

Anne Hildebrand, Founder

Barbara Paul, Jennifer Beemer-Co-Presidents                             Randy Clark, Treasurer
Jenny Jin
Michelle Lai
Michael Tilley
Julia Lee
Tina Givens
Christie Murdock
Nancy Schlagel
Barbara Paul
Kristine Blankenship
Daisy Loeffler